Intersection - Christine Jensen

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Composer: Christine Jensen

Product Code: WWM-114
(Score and Parts)

Big Band (5,5,4,4)
Duration: 11:30

Style: Swing (in 5/4)
Solos: Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Piano, Drums

This chart fuses and weaves repeating patterns and minimalist motives into a contemporary jazz groove in 5/4. The melodic lines and rhythmic pulse shift as the arrangement progresses and develops, but the driving rhythm and forward motion remains, and each of the several soloists gets a chance to shine. 

As recorded by The Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra on Habitat.

Reed 1: Soprano, Flute
Reed 2: Alto, Flute
Reed 3: Tenor, Clarinet
Reed 4: Tenor, Clarinet
Reed 5: Baritone, Clarinet, Flute

Erratum: Score is written in concert pitch, but may be incorrectly marked as transposed in some copies. The music itself is correct; please excuse this printing error.