Seafever - Christine Jensen (Study Score)

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Composer: Christine Jensen

Product Code: WWM-108a
(Study Score)

Big Band (5,5,4,4 + opt. flute)
Duration: 9:30

Style: Tango (Straight Eighths)
Solos: Tenor Sax, Trumpet (opt. Piano, Guitar or Bass)

This is a truly beautiful composition, a lyrical and expressive melody over a tango pattern that unfolds and develops throughout the chart. As recorded by The Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra on Treelines, this version of Seafever also includes an additional opening section of music that was omitted from the recording.

There is lots of solo space on this one, and plenty of melodic material for the band to play. This chart is sure to be a favourite for both the band and the audience.

Alto 1 doubles on Soprano Sax, Tenor 1 doubles on Clarinet, and there is an additional Flute part included (an optional 6th woodwind part).

Study Score only (no parts)